First United Methodist Church of Texarkana, Texas

First United Methodist Church of Texarkana, Texas was the first church established in Texarkana, TX, founded in 1874, with the first church building constructed in 1876, the centennial of the Declaration of Independence.  In 1904, the second church building was erected on the corner of 4th and State Line Avenue. This church stood and the congregation grew till 1958, when construction of the third and present building was begun. Ross Perot was baptized in the church in 1939. In 1971 through a generous gift by Perot and his family, the church was paid off and became debt free.

Over the last several years, change in the demographics and relocation of the city center have resulted in many members moving to other congregations closer to their homes, but FUMC Texarkana, Texas remains a vital part of the local community, offering several programs of missional service.  Mary’s Closet is located at First United Methodist Church at 4th and State Line in downtown Texarkana.   It is a clothing and household closet that collects furniture, household items and clothes from the community to give to people in need. Donations come from the Texarkana community as well as the surrounding area. 

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