Texarkana is home to one of Texas’ FOURTEEN District Appellate Courts; Texarkana’s is the Sixth District, serving 19 counties in East Texas.   Each of the fourteen district courts around the state are ranked for their effectiveness and efficiency – based on how promptly and completely the justices and their courts handle the business of the people.  And WE’RE NUMBER ONE!  Texarkana-based Justice Scott Stephens credits the leadership of Chief Justice Josh Morriss, III for achieving this statewide superlative over the course of several years, and Chief Justice Morriss shares his kudos with his team of Justices (rounded out by Texarkana-native Justice #3 Ralph Burgess) – and his whole staff team.  Justice Josh has served for eighteen years and will continue his term through December 2022, before retiring. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Josh and his whole team for proving once again that Texarkana is a community of excellence! 

Check out goTXK.org for more celebration of our innumerable Texarkana superlatives!
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