Did You Know? Texarkana USA was featured in a recent devotional – reflecting national recognition of our community as one which WORKS TOGETHER to get things done!

After far too many years of random national stories depicting the two Texarkanas as bad-blooded brothers, THIS is a superlative worth celebrating!  Texarkana USA is a community of excellence that celebrates innumerable second to none superlatives because it IS a community that works together.   Go Team – and goTXK!

Did You Know? New AR-TX-REDI Commercials Highlight our Region’s Greatest Assets

AR-TX REDI’s President/CEO Rob Sitterley recently unveiled two new commercials which highlight what he sees as “our region’s greatest asset…our institutions of higher learning.”  In Sitterley’s message to REDI stakeholders, he reports:  “The first piece highlights the Ledwell School of Advanced Manufacturing at Texarkana College and the second video shares an important and little known fact that Read more…