Partnership for the Pathways’ Julie-Ray Harrison shared this link, saying, “People from across the globe subscribe to Wordsmith and ‘bingo’ there is Texarkana!” In the same vein: Tennessee visitors Mary Beth and Larry Towles brought a copy of their local news- paper downtown to Photographer’s Island for the expressed purpose of getting a snapshot on the state line to submit to their Maryville, TN newspaper; the paper likes to print pics of their pub alication being read at various sites around the globe, and this is quite the coup to have it read in two states at one time. Texarkana USA is on the radar around the world – AND (here’s the most important part): IT IS OUR STATELINE THAT PUTS US THERE without our even having to lift a nger. How it looks matters. WORKING SMART means investing money or energy on its looks to develop the potential of State Line to define our community as SMART and first-class.

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