The Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization is updating the the Texarkana Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the Texarkana area and needs your input to identify projects that are important to the citizens of this area. The MPO does regional planning for the Texarkana area, covering Texarkana, AR, Texarkana, TX and a small part of Leary, Nash, Red Lick, and Wake Village, TX. Step up to influence the outcomes by investing a few brief minutes to answer a few questions on their online survey. MAKE IT SUIT YOUR NEEDS! MPO says, “We appreciate your participation in this process and look forward to inviting you to the Texarkana Regional Active Transportation Master Plan Open House on September 21st”. For more info, call: Rea Donna Jones, Study Director, at 903-794-8637 or visit their website for contact information.

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