“My favorite sandwich in town is the Portobello Mushroom ‘burger’ at Reggie’s. Mega-Vegetarian! And their fries are ab-fab!”

Chris Polson

“Hands down the BEST place for amazing Texarkana food is Tacos Mi Pueblo on New Boston Road! Their pork mixed spices and pineapples tacos are to DIE for! An absolute must pick if you love good tacos.”

Michael Wells

“My Texarkana eat would have to be the Double Header burger from The Dugout. The bun is two grilled cheeses. Seriously the best.”

Sarah Peyton Edwards

“Just thinking about the duck fat fries from Pecan Point makes me drool. If I’m really wanting to carb load, pair it with their Monte Cristo croissant, and I’m in a food coma.”

Hailey Mahone

“Dude. Reggie’s is like pinnacle burger. And their fries and seasoning are absolutely delicious. I’m pretty sure they do vegetarian too? Like, all around just killin’ it.”

Austin Alford

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