Stepping Up to Lead the Way 

Les Munn
Texarkana Arkansas Police Officer

Officer Les Munn has dedicated his life to upholding the laws of our town, and ensuring that Texarkana Arkansas is a safe community for families and visitors to enjoy. However, he does not stop there. Officer Munn does not merely ensure that the upcoming generations know the difference between right and wrong through heavy handed enforcement of the law; rather, he is out there on the streets forging relationships with today’s youth and tomorrows leaders. For example, he has been seen while in uniform playing in the drum line beside Arkansas High band members. 

Photo Courtesy of Inside Edition

What is more, Officer Munn is investing in the town he has spent so much time keeping safe.  Officer Munn has recently partnered with others to begin a new adventure in Downtown, Texarkana, Arkansas, and they have recently started renovating the Moore’s Furniture building with plans to open Downtown, Texarkana, Arkansas’s first event venue.

Officer Les Munn is definitely stepping up to lead the way in our community!

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