The past two weeks have definitely been a stressful time for the residents in Texarkana, the surrounding areas and the United States as a whole. Here locally, we have quickly learned what Coronavirus, now labeled Covid-19, is all about and the effects it has on our physical and mental well being as well as our economy. This week we want to give a huge shout out to the Joint Operations Center which consists of Bowie County, Miller County and the cities of Texarkana, TX and Texarkana, AR.

Bowie County Judge Bobby Howell, Miller County Judge Cathy Hardin- Harrison, Texarkana, AR mayor Allen Brown and Texarkana, TX mayor Bob Bruggeman have done a tremendous job keeping the area informed and up to date on recent developments along with rules and regulations that have been implemented. Dr. Matt Young, the Bowie County Local Health Authority, should also be commended for the job he has done educating citizens and providing critical information regarding Covid-19.

During these times we realize just how fortunate we are in our area to have such a great group of leaders that are willing to work together for the benefit of all citizens. 

We also want to show appreciation for our superb educational facilities in the area; this includes all of the local school districts, Texarkana College, UA- Hope, Texarkana, and TAMU-T. All of the educators and administrators have demonstrated their love for the students and their ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. 

THANK YOU leaders in Texarkana for stepping up to lead the way!

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