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COVID-19 AWARENESS – Please be mindful this week of event cancellations. We have included 3 ways to stay healthy and spend your time in Texarkana, USA!

1. Stay Healthy!
Follow the guidelines for keeping yourself and your family and friends healthy:  
Wash your hands WELL and often throughout the day. Also, find new ways to greet others besides shaking hands. Gloria Gaynor has a song for you to sing to pass the time while washing your hands! Watch here. 

2. Check With The Sources!
Check with the sources! For any events on this or any other calendar, check the source, to verify if the event has been canceled. Here is a link including local closures and cancellations related to COVID-19.
Be smart in choosing where you go! Stay up-to-date with the CDC.

3. Spend Time With Your Family
Take advantage of the community slow-down and spend time with your family. Look out for elderly friends who are wanting to avoid extra contact – help them stay healthy by shopping or running errands for them.

Go to to check out ALL of the events being held this week in Texarkana USA!

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