Hawk Stadium

Read PGISD Superintendent Chad Pirtle’s celebratory reflections on Hawk Stadium below:

Hawk Stadium is a point of pride in the Pleasant Grove and Texarkana community. After a bond was passed in 2007 in Pleasant Grove ISD for athletic facility updates and an intermediate school, the new Hawk Stadium was completed in 2009.  Over the past three years, crowds have flooded into Hawk Stadium to cheer on the Hawks to win back to back to back District Championships and two state titles. The true beauty of Hawk Stadium and other area school stadiums, is the way it brings our high school organizations together for the Friday Night Lights experience. A high percentage of students participate in Friday Night Lights as a football player, mascot, super fan, cheerleader, dancer, member of the band, or athletic trainer. As our high school seniors struggle through a school closure right now, it is important for them to reflect on their positive memories in high school. 
It is also important to recognize the individuals and departments who keep Hawk Stadium clean. The Pleasant Grove Facilities Department takes great pride in keeping Hawk Stadium in excellent condition for the Pleasant Grove students, staff, and community. 

Pleasant Grove ISD looks forward to hearing the roar of the crowd in Hawk Stadium again in four short months to create new memories and bring home another state title to Texarkana, USA. 

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