Emily Bright
Student Services and Business Development Coordinator
Red River Employees Federal Credit Union

Red River Employees Federal Credit Union (RRCU) is dedicated to the financial education of the communities it serves. Emily Bright’s position with RRCU is focused on building financial literacy and money management skills for people of all ages. During the school year, she is in multiple classrooms almost daily, from kindergarten to seniors, to reach as many students as possible. Outside the classroom, you can find her in community centers, correctional facilities, home schools, wherever she is needed. Emily’s passion for teaching and her background in Business Administration combine perfectly, allowing her to expand her role to include platform development, including online versions due to recent needs. Over the past three years, Emily has taught over 14,000 individuals ranging from kindergarten to adults in all walks of life through classes, seminars, reality fairs, and more.

Emily volunteers her time when and where she can, and this year she is serving as Treasurer of the Red Lick Education Foundation, as a board member for Friends for a Cause Foundation, and volunteers with Texas Middle School’s VIPS program. In September of 2017, Emily was names of one of the Four States Living Magazine’s “40 Under 40,” as a person to watch in our community. And in 2019, Emily earned the 2nd place for the Desjardins Award by Cornerstone Credit Union League and Honorable Mention at the national level for her work on Financial Literacy for all ages.

Emily manages to balance her public life and time at home with her husband, James, and their children, Easton and Maleigh. She enjoys bow hunting, playing any competitive sport or board/card game, and watching the many activities in which their children participate. Emily is also supportive of her family, friends, and coworkers, both professionally and personally by going the extra mile when possible. Emily believes it is through her faith and trust in God that has given her the guidance needed to achieve her goals.

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