AR-TX REDI’s President/CEO Rob Sitterley recently unveiled two new commercials which highlight what he sees as “our region’s greatest asset…our institutions of higher learning.” 

In Sitterley’s message to REDI stakeholders, he reports:  “The first piece highlights the Ledwell School of Advanced Manufacturing at Texarkana College and the second video shares an important and little known fact that we are the only community in the country that can call two Public University Systems home. The Ledwell School commercial was released last week on social media and is being boosted across all platforms. This week I will be sending an email blast to the country’s top site selectors along with a personal note to make sure they keep Texarkana USA top-of-mind for their clients.  Finally, I am currently examining specific national markets where we may want to run one or both as an advertisement.  With so many incredible stories to tell about our community, I thought you would like to see just a few of the highlights we are looking to promote.”   

We thought you would enjoy seeing them, too!  
Check out the first here: Ledwell School at Texarkana College

STAY TUNED for commercial #2 – coming next week and featuring our two Public University Systems. 

GREAT JOB ROB – and AR-TX REDI –  and goTXK!

Check out for more celebration of our innumerable Texarkana superlatives!

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