The 2020 Wilbur Award for Youth Leadership was presented to Jenna Williamson, a recent graduate of TISD where she served as the President Texas High’s Student Council, as well as President of Texas state Association of Student Councils.  Jenna also represented TISD, Texarkana, and the state of Texas at the Vision Conference and National Association of Student Councils Convention, and as a delegate to TASC annual conference. During her high school career, Jenna devoted over 2000 hours to volunteer work in our community, serving the Community Café, Adopt an Athlete, Special Olympics, CASA Color Run, Partnership for a Pathway, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, and Tiger Strong Field Day. Jenna was a US Senate Youth Delegate where she represented the state of Texas.    

Having a hereditary neurological disorder since age two, Jenna perseveres by not allowing it to define her; Jenna was deemed a ‘top student and server for students’ by multiple school administrators.  She strives for and is passionate about feeding the hungry and helping others in need.  A Coca Cola Scholarship finalist, Jenna also aided in developing Tiger Pantry (a food bank for Texas High). Among other volunteer work, she is affiliated with Harvest Texarkana, various churches, and coordinated STUCO Dessert Theater. Each of these supports her goal of providing food drives and raising monetary donations for the Tiger Pantry. Developing a character education program, she has spoken to 3000 elementary and mid-level students explaining why kindness is necessary. In realizing that certain students do not feel connected with the other students, she engaged in encouraging YESS, a newly formed LGBT club, to participate and this led to an expansion and inclusion. Jenna is an advocate, compassionate, goal-oriented student who addresses various social issues including homelessness, unity and education – an outstanding young woman of our community.

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