Jennifer Lewis
CEO, Texarkana Resources of the Disabled

Jennifer Lewis is the CEO of Texarkana Resources for the Disabled, a non-profit located in Texarkana, AR. She is a Texarkana leader and asset worth knowing! Before being named CEO in August 2016, Jennifer was Goodwill of Greater Washington’s Manager of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and was responsible for the companies disability employment operations, including launching a new model Project Search program for transition aged youth with disabilities in the Washington, DC area at the Department of Education, Department of Interior, and The George Washington University. She also headed Goodwill’s employment diversity division and played a key role in the continued integrated employment of adults with disabilities within the community.

Jennifer is passionate about education, advocacy, and reform. Educating individuals about the abilities of individuals with disabilities, veterans, and individuals with other barriers is the way change and progress can occur. She has developed programs, curricula, websites, training modules, and led committees to move this mission forward. These programs both assist individuals with disabilities in gaining independence as well as educating the non-disabled community on integration, accommodations, and debunking disability myths. 

Jennifer is always looking for more interesting and engaging ways to assist all individuals in a community to work together to the best of their abilities and talents. This passion has taken her into urban cities and rural counties where she has faced various unique and interesting challenges to make progress in the field.

“People with disabilities can do anything a person without a disability can do, it takes more than a single person to believe this, but a community of support to move these ideals forward.”

Jennifer earned a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University, where she also obtained expertise in Vocational Evaluation, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jennifer received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science from California State University, Fullerton.


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