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Vickie Love Al-Dubais epitomized Texarkana’s Cultural Riches

Quite literally one of Texarkana’s musical legends for over fifty years, Vickie Love Al-Dubais was a pianist with a gift like few others.  Imbued with “a massive talent,” Vickie could make an organ rock and a grand piano sing the blues–or sing with whatever other spirit she cared to embrace.  Passing from this life on August 28th, her family shares that she is now accompanying The Heavenly Choir. 
“If you know anything about music in this area then you’ve probably worked with, listened to, and/or been taught by Vickie. She was already an accomplished pianist and accompanist in her teens and was musically directing shows at Texas High while attending school there in the late ’60s/early 70s. She later went on to teach and direct there for over twenty years. She attended East Texas Baptist College in Marshall, Texas, to begin her mastery of the organ, which was ultimately on full display at Williams Memorial Methodist Church to the enjoyment of generations.   With her unique and powerful musical gift, she graced Texarkana for countless weddings, funerals, parties, theatrical shows, pageants and more for over forty years.  Vickie ratcheted up our understanding of what it could mean to “play the piano.”
Vickie was larger than life, with a voracious appetite for food, fun, friends, animals, the color purple, junk TV–and laughter!!  But her greatest passion was her daughter Laila, and her family, whom she loved dearly, along with her friends and innumerable students. 
The gifts Vickie has left behind for all of us in Texarkana is the understanding of what musical gifts actually look like, what excellence and commitment can mean, and the breadth and depth of what a person can accomplish–and might pursue–with each, especially when paired with a life and love lived large.  No doubt, Vickie’s impact will linger and be felt–and heard–for years to come.
Vickie Love Al-Dubais:  another Texarkana Superlative worth Celebrating!

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