Maxie Johnson is a retired business owner and proud member of the Kiwanis Club of Texarkana. When he is not building ramps (more on that later) or fundraising for Kiwanis, Maxie volunteers his time to help out at the Texarkana Alzheimer’s Alliance. He is also the driving force behind a partnership between the Texarkana Kiwanis Club and the Texas Ramp Project, which provides wheelchair ramps for low-income individuals with disabilities at no cost to the recipient.

The Texas Ramp Project covers the cost of materials to build the ramps, while the Kiwanis Club of Texarkana, led by Maxie, supplies the labor force so that these ramps can be built at the fraction of the cost of a retail contractor. Maxie does a good deal of labor and pre-fabrication before each ramp build and oversees several other volunteers who show up for a Saturday morning to get the ramps built at a Texarkana recipient’s home. Maxie is passionate about lending a helping hand to those in the Texarkana community who need it most!


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