The Texarkana Public Library is an asset of excellence for Texarkana USA, an oft-underused jewel supported by both Texarkanas.  What many may not realize is that pre-pandemic, Library Director Jennifer Strayhorn says they had 400-500 people a day in and out of the building; during the Summer Reading program, they had 700-800 people a day.  

Director Strayhorn reports, “Since the pandemic/shutdown of March 2020, the number of patrons coming into the library have decreased. [However] since the pandemic, we have shifted our story time and other programing online, so some days we have more views than we had in-person attendance.”  They have also made abundant use of their drive-through window.  As a professional librarian, Strayhorn speaks with pride about it all:  “Even though the library building is old, the services we offer are state of the art.  We have the current bestsellers to check out and our DVD collection of over 8,000 has something for everyone.  Since joining the Northeast Texas Library consortium, we can now offer over 38,000 eBooks and downloadable audiobooks for our patrons.  Our public computers have the most current software, and printing and scanning are available as well. The Library is adept at being flexible to offer up-to-date services for all people in our community.”

Thanks to Library Director Jennifer Strayhorn the hard-working Library staff and volunteers AND the cities of Texarkana TX and AR for their commitment to this asset of excellence for our community! 

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