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A Program of Leadership Texarkana

Silvermoon Children’s Theatre

Continuing the Wilbur tradition set from the beginning of the awards thirty-two years prior, Leadership Texarkana honored and celebrated all of the individuals and organizations which were nominated as they are all exemplary models of community leadership that are worth following.  
(Nominated by Julie O’Shaughnessy) From a family deeply rooted in the Texarkana metropolitan area, Silvermoon Children’s Theatre (SCT) stands as a beacon of cultural education, exerting a profound influence on the youth of Texarkana. With unwavering commitment, SCT has effectively bridged the gap in student theatre opportunities within the Ark-La-Tex region, positioning itself as a prominent figure in the field. The resounding triumph of SCT lies in its unwavering dedication to providing exceptional theatre experiences for the budding performers of Texarkana. Through its transformative power, SCT empowers countless young individuals, offering them an invaluable platform to explore a diverse array of theatrical disciplines. 
SCT’s significant impact on engaging others can best be told by the students themselves.
“I have always had a love of entertainment, so the day I saw the SCT production “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” I knew this would be my creative outlet. Although I didn’t know how much this family would mean to me, being a part of Silvermoon Children’s Theatre has helped me grow in my social skills, confidence, overall speaking skills, and love of music. Everyone is completely genuine and unapologetically themselves. My friend group has never been so healthy and supportive. SCT is like a family to me. I will forever be grateful for them.” – Joey Campbell (15 years old)
“I love SCT and Ms. Susannah. They have shown me how to be entertaining.  I like the people and the way the shows are put together – it’s amazing.  I hope that there will be many more that I am a part of.” – Henry (11 years old)
“Silvermoon Children’s Theatre has had such a big impact on my life. I started when I was 7 years old in the play “Pollyanna.” I was a shy, quiet little girl who didn’t speak to anyone and was scared of making conversation. Once I started theatre, I changed. I now can talk to people and have come out of my shell. I really owe everything to SCT. This has taught me how to be louder, how to enunciate my words properly, and much more. I love SCT and the people here. Mrs. Susannah and Mrs. Meredith are amazing people who have helped me become the young lady I am today. The kids here are so wonderful and nice. This place has become my second home, and I am honored to have done so many productions with this company. It not only teaches you about acting, but how to be a good person and much more. I love Silvermoon Children’s Theatre, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. – Anna Jo Briggs (16 years old).

Leadership Texarkana’s Wilbur Awards have been given annually since 1992, in memory of community servant and historian Wilbur Smith. Celebrating the power of one to positively impact our community, the Wilbur Awards are given in three categories, honoring adults, youth, and organizations to individuals and groups who demonstrate exemplary leadership in the community and a commitment to working together for community excellence.

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